Cheese Biscuits

easy cheese biscuits recipes

My sister gave me this recipe. We were talking about baking, mostly about how I was trying to learn baking….I am not really good with flour stuffs, making dough or batter but hey, still learning! Anyway, she then suddenly got a craving for cheese biscuits. My dad loooooooves cheese biscuits and whenever possible, he will […]

Mauritian Chicken Biryani

chicken biryani recipes

Many of my readers have been asking for the Mauritian Chicken Biryani recipe (chicken briani) for quite some time now. As promised, here is the recipe! Chicken Biryani is by far my favorite food. I love its many layers of flavors blended together and the “grainy” rice makes it so tempting. It is a great one-pot […]

Napolitaine (Mauritian Easy Biscuits)

napolitaine easy biscuits

First of all, HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY to everyone!! To celebrate this event, I wanted to share this easy biscuits recipe with you all. Today’s post is about Napolitaines. Napolitaines are Mauritian specialties, and I just love them! I especially love the icing on top of them. When I was in Mauritius, my dad would always […]

Sweet and Sour Salted Fish

mauritian recipes

When I went back home (Mauritius) last month, I told my mom that I wanted to eat salted fish (poisson sale). I love salty foods and one of my favorite Mauritian food recipes is Rougaille Poisson Sale. I had it at least twice during my stay in home with rotis (indian bread)! LOVED IT! There […]

Gateau Piment (Mauritian Dal Fritters)

mauritian recipes gateau piment

Gateau Piment or Mauritian Dal Fritters are a very easy snacks recipe. It is one of the most popular snacks (or street food) in Mauritius. I love them,especially on bread with butter :D. I know it might sound a little bit fattening, but it is so good! And I only have them on Sundays :D. […]

Easy Tuna recipe with Bechamel Sauce

mauritian recipes

This easy tuna recipe with bechamel sauce is by far my favorite breakfast/lunch recipe. My mom would usually make this for us to take to school as lunch. Back in Mauritius, we would generally take bread stuffed with food. It’s a little bit like taking sandwiches, but instead of sandwich slices, we use round french bread. I […]

Rougaille Poisson Sale (Salted Fish/Snoek Relish)

mauritian recipes

Rougaille Poisson Sale is a very popular Mauritius food recipe. If you understand French, it will be real easy to guess what this dish is about…Salted fish! Yes! I am a big, big, big fan of this Mauritius food recipe. There are many reasons for that: 1) I love salty foods. 2) It tastes awesome! […]

Seafood Surimi Salad

This is a very refreshing and healthy seafood salad recipe you can make in seconds. My mom used to make it in home, but I kind of forgot about it when I came to China. I remembered it thanks to my friend Zarina. She is from Kazakhstan and she was showing me this particular salad […]

Chana (Chole) Masala

Chana/Chole is simply the Indian name for chickpeas, otherwise known as garbanzo beans. They contain a high level of protein and dietary fibre, hence making them a very healthy food to add to your diet! They are perfect for a quick and healthy recipe, hence my love for them! Chana/Chole masala is not only an […]

Easy Mauritian Peanut Sauce

mauritius recipes

Easy Mauritian Peanut Sauce is more commonly known as “rougaille pistache” back home. My father makes the BEST peanut sauce ever. I got this recipe from him as I suddenly felt the urge of eating that delicious homemade mauritian recipe! Back home, I was very rarely in the kitchen, except from sneaking in and eating […]