Napolitaine (Mauritian Easy Biscuits)

napolitaine easy biscuits

First of all, HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY to everyone!! To celebrate this event, I wanted to share this easy biscuits recipe with you all. Today’s post is about Napolitaines. Napolitaines are Mauritian specialties, and I just love them! I especially love the icing on top of them. When I was in Mauritius, my dad would always […]

Polenta pudding

My own creation for the Mauritian Polenta Pudding recipe!

One Mauritian recipe I absolutely love is Maize pudding,also known as Polenta pudding or corn pudding(simply known as “Poudine mais” in Mauritius). Something that always got me confused is how to call that yellow fine-grain flour, is it maize flour or cornflour or what? Well, it turns out that corn flour is actually divided into […]

Creme caramel(Flan)

One AWESOME and SIMPLE dessert recipe is that of Creme Caramel, or flan or cream caramel. One very important ingredient in creme caramel is……yes!you guessed right!CARAMEL. Now, making caramel can be a tricky thing, especially if you are new to cooking. Creme Caramel Recipe Ingredients: 5 eggs 500 ml warm milk 100 grms sugar 1 tbsp vanilla […]